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Matalan is a British fashion and homeware retailer based in Knowsley, Merseyside. It was established by John Hargreaves in 1985, and is still owned by the Hargreaves family. As of 2020, the company employed over 13,000, and had 230 stores in the United Kingdom, together with thirty two franchise stores in Europe, and the Middle East.


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Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Poor communication, weak leadership and unsupportive senior managers. Getting increasingly worse as the years pass. It’s not fun anymore, it’s awful."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"managers, low pay, short breaks"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"None, corrupt and horrible. Please apply somewhere else"

Former Employee - General Sales Assistant says

"Didn’t pay me on time, hires lots of young people to get away with paying less, dont train you properly then scream at you when you don’t know how to do something."

Former Employee - Warehouse Picker says

"Horrible supervisors Horrible colleagues No progression"

Former Employee - General Sales Assistant says

"- they pay £5.65 p/h from 18 onwards. £4 for 16-17 y/os. pretty sure this is illegal - the managers are incompetent and known for stealing - no regard for employees personal lives, they expect you to come in without checking if you are available."

Former Employee - Packaging Designer says

"mostly all a con in more ways than one"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"only care for making money, don't believe in people"

Current Employee - GSA says

"Rota is a nightmare, constantly changing. Very little support and training. Lack of teamwork. Appalling contracts of 8 hours but expected to do 30 hours a week."

Store Manager says

"Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.I'm sorry to read that you have not enjoyed your last 12 months with us. We will take your comments on board and pass these on to the relevant people."

Retail warehouse operative (Former Employee) says

"Do not recommend work at Matalan. They don't care about people. It is not family friendly company. They don't give references after 6 years long worked there."

Sales Assistance (Former Employee) says

"I am absolutely disgusted. Being my first job. trying all ways for no reason to get rid of me. was not aloud hours, was not aloud on till after one mistake with one customer on my 2nd or 3rd day working there. gave me less jobs each day so that i would leave. had my review and the comments from them was not even bad review but only to them. asked for more hours but said it be struggle on getting hours due to new starters but yet gave new starter more hours..this so much more i would happy i decided to leave to how they were treating me."

Customer Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Boring, monotonous always watched by cameras or staff members, management not listening to employees - indicating hours or always changing shifts without information and later having a problem with not turning up to the shift. not as flexiblehour lunchnot asked for opinion, put into any hours"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"I was taken on by a recruitment agency as a picker the agency was poor and the work was easy butthe never had enough stock in the bays to pick.i had a holiday book before i started and i was told there was no f***king chance i was going on it And there would not be a job for me when i come back despite knowing this the swapped me between shifts day/night and put me down as sick well i was on hiliday for two week not sure if its the same agency still there but i would give it a miss"

Driver/Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Greedy selfish management who care more about turning a profit and getting their bonuses than they do about the well-being of the staff. disgusting hygiene everywhere in the warehouse"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"When I worked there in 2016 the management was terrible. They bullied me, refused to let me have a drink with me and gave me the worst jobs because they just didn't like me. I quit after I few months because I felt terrible working there. So uncomfortable."

General store assistant (Former Employee) says

"Given no training until first day, not told were to go or what to do, first day was a full 8 hour shift on busiest day of the month, given 10 minutes training on a till then told to just ask, but there was no-one else on tills and I knew no-one. Constantly pressured to work overtime as I was the only person who was 17 so was paid less than everyone else. Not given a paper copy of a contract and wasn't told how to request holiday. Wasn't given access to pay roll depsite me asking 2 seperate managers about it. Asked if I could change a shift so that I could attend an exam and was told that I dont have the right to pick and choose when to work. Constantly scheduled for shifts that I had already told the managers I could not work as I was at college and would have shifts/times changed without being notified. Overall very mis-managed place and the manager laughed at me when they found out I was being paid £4.35/h despite having the same roles as everyone else"

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Everything is bad, nothing good to say poor overall would NOT recommend to anyone at all. Just a number don’t care about staff, just profits.........."

General Store Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Matalan for 11 months and the staff I worked with were fantastic but management were awful. I believe that not all stores are like this but mine was awful."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I hated working for this company, the pay was terrible and so were the team I worked with. They were prejudice due to my young age and I disliked every hour I was there."

General Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely poor management and hours and rate of pay, breaks wouldn’t be long either and the shop is way too dull, always short staffed, can see why people quit"

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"poor management complete disregard for employees. expect you to work overtime with no pay. hourly rate is very poor. typical day is like any other retail job restocking shelves, manning the changing rooms etc. not a stable place.long hours, no overtime pay, poor hourly rate"

General Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Minimum wage for maximum work effort. Little to know benefits. Company is so tight. Deliberstely put people on shorter shifts so you dont get a break. Measely discount. Very poor management interms of respect for staff with a few exceptions. Not motivating to be there at all. Good for people that want a few months of experience/first job."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Poor pay and the worst management imaginable, awful people. Customers were nice though and the staff discount was good . It wasnt always that busy except for when the sales were on"

GSA (Former Employee) says

"Working at Matalan you get treated poorly, management does not know what they are doing and do not seem to have the experience or knowledge needed for this role. Management also tend to have favourite staff who are treated better than other staff and management also speak poorly of the other staff members giving away personal details and accusing them of lying to other staff while you are not present to defend yourself. I would also like to point out that the favourite staff members will always receive recognition for the things that you have done regardless whether or not they know who’s actually done it"

Stockroom Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The managers always contradicted each other as there were 4, they would change the rules when they felt like it and would only deal with half of the problems presented to them, overall run terribly and the work ethic of other staff members was terrible"

General Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Staff are expected to work major overtime but still be paid minimum wage. Would rather get a 16 year old in to work so that the company doesn’t have to pay someone over 21 a higher rate of pay which ends up with over worked 16 year olds. Give out 4 hour contracts but expect you to work 20+ hours a week."

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It was like being in a kindergarten. The management was even taking time if you went to toilet. I wouldn’t recommend to work in Matalan to anyone. Most of the employees felt unhappy there."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"deliverys was most of a challenge but we always got this done with a great team working with staff very enjoyable learned alot from other members of staff ,work place was very rewarding to complete a task"

Delivery person/GSA (Former Employee) says

"Sadly, Matalan fails to live up to their company values. Staff are treated very poorly by management. They also do not offer any references. The best part is that the staff are very supportive and manage to create a fun, caring working environment.experience in a fairly fast paced retail environmentvery little autonomy"

K Grundon says

"Order placed 3rd January Dispatch email 11th January They took the money out of the bank on the 11th January Email 'where is my order' 17th January, automated reply Email 'where is my order' 18th January, automated reply Email again....... Guess what? Automated response, we see you, we hear you, guess you're just choosing to ignore me? Where next! Trading standards? Twitter? Which? Watchdog? If you can't do it matalan own up and do the decent thing and refund before the reviews you are getting destroy you"

farah says

"Just like many other people who have written a bad review, I am in the same position. Order placed on 4/1/21 and no where to be seen. I contacted my bank and informed them that Matalan have gone over their promised delivery date. Unable to contact them via phone and no reply to emails. They said it wasn’t a problem and they would be able to get me a refund (you just have to fill out a quick online dispute page) GOOD LUCK GUYS nobody is stealing my money!"

Derek Lorraine Marsh says

"Absolutely disgusting service from this so called retail company, Customer service is none existence I think they are having far too many problems from other disgruntle clients, I totaly understand there is a pandemic but other company's seem to be coping ok!!! I and several others if they have any sense will shop else were"

Bec says

"Ordered on 12/01 and received a dispatched email the same day. Everything seems great so far... ...Well as of today 19/01 the Hermes tracking link still says 'Order placed'. The delivery was supposed to be here today and it is needed for an upcoming funeral so time is imperative. Read another review with the same issue regarding Hermes. Are they unable to pick up from Matalan due to an issue? I have requested a refund so fingers crossed that I get my money back."

Lesley says

"Not received my order ! I’ve messaged them and get same reply that they are doing all they can ! No they aren’t , I would have got my order if they were! £27 of my money and I’m not the only one! They must be building their bank balance while emptying ours! DO NOT ORDER from matalan unless you want to lose money ! They are ripping people off ! You can’t phone them , what a surprise!!!! Obviously they got fed up of people asking for their money back!"

paul turner says

"placed an order. for clothes and cushions on the 27th dec 2020. as yet had nothing. just a generic email saying they will let us know when its dispatched. but ive all ready had one of those for the 13th of jan and still nothing. arrived. matalan be advised you are not keeping our money"

val says

"How did I miss these reviews??? Matalan where is my remaining order or else I would do something bad to you guys. To make things worse no reply to emails and cannot contact you through phone. You better answer and reply me!"

Stella Love says

"I have made an order for click and collect on July. After one month there wasn't any update, try to contact customer service without success. I'm still waiting to speak with them for a full refund"

Art says

"Wow, if these people are not out of business soon I'd be surprised! Ordered some goods, got an email confirmation, disappointed with a 15 day delivery wait but fine. I then received an email update that my items have shipped. 1 day after date of delivery (no goods had turned up) I email to enquire about my stuff (no phones, so email only). No response on emails. Today I received an email saying my 'refund was on the way'...very weird company. Suffice to say I strongly recommend you go elsewhere. I think the fact they haven't responded to any of the posts on here tells you enough too."

Michelle Gladding says

"Placed an order just after new year and had an email to say my goods had been dispatched on the 9/1 with tracking details no information on hermes now 18/1 and still no goods contacted customer services this morning via email as they closed the telephone lines so this is the only way to contact them as yet I haven’t heard anything from Matalan. Service and customer service is bad... getting very close to claiming my money for the order back off my credit card!!! Will not be ordering again from this company!!! Don’t recommend!!!"

L A Evans says

"Instantly take your money but no order confirmation email. So I emailed Matalan and they asked for my order details. When I explained that’s the problem I haven’t got any details but stated they have taken the payment, I provided the PayPal transaction ID details I received no further contact. I have had to open a PayPal case as Matalan will not try and resolve it. Not a great experience will not use again."

emma denny says

"Wish I had read this before ordering. Placed an order for baby items and received a dispatch email a few days later. Now two weeks on, no items and Hermes state they haven't yet had the order. Sent an email to customer services who told me my order hadn't been dispatched from the warehouse and I would get an email when it was! So is it dispatched or not? I replied twice and just got automated responses. Can't call, can't get my order, can't get a refund and am now going to have buy the items elsewhere, despite now not having the money until I get paid again. Awful customer service. I can accept short delays with current situation but everyone else is managing to turn orders around in a matter of days and actually provide a reasonable level of customer service if there is an issue."

Courtney Carberry says

"Okay so here we go again matalan... I was told to wait 10 days from my order date for my delivery, I’ve waited over that. I’ve contacted you through email and I’ve had no reply? I’m waiting on a delivery of baby clothes for my daughter that she desperately needs. I’m starting to get really annoyed as I keep getting no where with you? Hermes are still waiting for my order? Nearly 2 weeks now!!!! I’d like something to be done about this as it’s important I either get my delivery or a full refund!! 40829534"

R K says

"Be warned if you have a click and collect order to collect and you can't get there due to lockdown and the Matalan stores closed the weekend. Your items will be returned before the physical 14 days of shops opening. Matalan should be extending click and collect pick up times for people that are struggling to get to the shop."

Victoria Bailes says

"I placed an order on 1 January 2021. Over two weeks later, I received what I believed to be my order, only on opening the package I found someone else’s items, and none of the items I ordered. I complained to customer services, who responded entirely inappropriately, asking me to return the items to a physical store within 14 days for a refund or exchange, ensuring I had proof of purchase. Since I didn’t actually purchase any of the items I find in my possession, and given physical Matalan stores aren’t open due to lockdown anyway, this is NOT a valid resolution. Given the sheer volume of complaints on here and on social media channels, I have escalated via PayPal, to see if they can talk some sense into Matalan. Currently £61 down, with nothing from my order. Wish I’d seen Matalan’s Trustpilot page before I’d ordered - never again!"

sunil dutt says

"I ordered my joggers on 1st January 2021 and today is 17th Jan 2021, still waiting. No one answering phone and only automated replies to emails. Shame on matalan"

Terri Hills says

"Placed an order just after Christmas and only received 3 out of 5 items ordered. Nothing since. No communications and no balance of the order. Also, one item was sent with the security tab still on and I will have to damage it by removal because it's not worth the hassle of returning as it was fairly cheap. They don't have access to phoning customer services either which complicates things and makes it more difficult to resolve issues. So many companies using the pandemic as an EXCUSE for not dealing with queries. They are quick enough to take your money and that's not affected 'by the pandemic' I note! MATALAN: Either send my stuff (which is seriously late) OR refund the money. I await your reply or otherwise I will have no alternative but to go to my credit card provider and get it refunded under their guarantee, which will cost you more.... UPDATE: To add insult to injury, see the reply from Matalan below... They ask me to contact them via their email quoted, but that's exactly what I have already done! I also gave the order number, so what IS going on with them? Ever decreasing circles...."

Michaela says

"Shopped at Matalan for years but their service has become terrible over the past few years. Even before the Pandemic. I made a purchase over a week ago online for click and collect, all items were in stock. I have just received an email today saying that one of the items is out of stock. This is not the first time this has happened either. Time to start shopping elsewhere."

NA says

"Absolutely awful experience with Matalan’s customer service. I made an order last November and the order arrived with several items missing, the packaging had been taped back together as if it had been opened in transit, and there was no dispatch note. I called up Matalan and got a refund straight away for the missing items (all good), but I also wanted to return the other items that arrived, but didn’t have a returns note to take the items back in store. Matalan said they would send one out. I decided to try to take the items back in store with a print out of my order thinking they could return based on the order number. The woman couldn’t help as the print out didn’t have my card details. After a few weeks, the dispatch note that had been sent out didn’t arrive so I emailed them (as they had closed their customer service telephone line at this point) and asked them to resend it. Apparently they did, I waited and received nothing. Then, rather frustrated I asked them for the third time to send it out, to which I got a response from them saying that they don’t have the facilities to do so. It makes me wonder whether they sent it out in the first 2 instances. I’ve had many back and forth correspondence with them since and each time a new employee responds to my email with generic information and not having read the email I had sent properly. Honestly, I’m sick of it and ready to lose ~£40, but at this point it’s more about the principle. It’s safe to say, I won’t be ordering from Matalan online again as their customer service has been appalling. The last correspondence I got said that I can take the items in store to refund as the 14 days have passed... erm I’ll try again in February and I bet I’m unable to. Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far. I’ve never left a bad review as I don’t like to damage businesses but I also think this has been the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced."